About Us

We're Monomee

Our goal is for every woman to love what they wear.

Monomee is a fashion brand with a purpose - to empower and inspire women all over the world. We believe that there's NO ONE LIKE YOU and there's only one you.


We believe in the power of love and loyalty, so we use a tulip and sunflower as our logo. They represent the love and loyalty that we feel for each other, as well as the love and loyalty that we want to share with you by providing you with quality clothes that will make you feel special.

We understand that style is personal and individual, and so are our designs. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!


Human Life

Simply put, we think that all life is valuable and that people deserve to work and live in a dignified manner. At Monomee, human lives will be foremost a priority to our business as we grow and expand. 


We believe that authenticity is the core of our day-to-day business practices. There are massive problems in our world and our aim is to be as transparent as possible as we try to tackle these issues through our business. 


We aim to be excellent in every aspect of our business. From the products we sell to the way we treat our employees and customers, we want to sell you a product that feels good for the soul.

Supporting Women empowerment 

MONOMEE is committed to supporting woman empowerment. Every purchase helps fund female-focused projects around the country that are working towards equality in society today. Join us in this fight today!


Our vision at Monomee is to break the exploitative fast-fashion industry in India by creating high-quality garments that will in return impact the lives of Indian marginalized communities on a multi-generational level. 

By eventually expanding into our own garment production facilities, we will be able to provide dignified employment, industry training and life-skills to our employees. 

The livable wage we offer will allow our workers to invest in themselves and their families in a way the current exploitive industry doesn’t allow now.

Our employees will be able to send their children to school, provide healthy nutritious meals and break generational poverty.